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It is our great pleasure to introduce Asia Adventure Excursions (P) Ltd and the variety of travel products and services that we offer in the Himalayan destinations-Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. With over 15 years of personal experience in serving the individual and group travelers, we have the expertise in all kinds of leisure and adventure tour operations in a completely safe and worry- free environment and at the most competitive prices.

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Private Transport

We have vehicles as per the group size – cars or Jeep for 2 to 3 persons micro/mini buses for small Group more than 4 to 12 persons, 13 to 20 persons  and also luxuries buses for the big group 20 above. If you just wish to take a vehicle for your trip, you may feel free to choose destination and vehicle for our Nepal trip.

S.NoDestinationDurationStandard Car (1 -3 persons) Standard Jeep (1 to 3 persons) Microbus (4 to 6 person) Minibus (7 to 12 persons) Minibus 13 to 18 persons) Coach (19 to 30 persons) Remarks
1Airport pick up-$10$22$22$27$32$36
2Bajrabarahi & ChapagaonHalf day$26$64$64$77$90$103
3Barabise onlyHalf day$59$148$148$108$126$237
4Bhaktapur onlyHalf day$20$51$51$61$71$81
5Bhaktapur, Pashupati,Boudha & PatanFullday$40$100$100$121$141$161
6Bhudhanilkantha & BalajuHalf day$20$51$51$61$71$81
7Bhudhanilkantha onlyHalf day$16$39$39$47$55$63
8BungmatiHalf day$20$51$51$61$71$81
9Changu & ShankhuHalf day$30$75$75$90$105$120
10Changu, Boudha & PashupatiHalf day$23$56$56$67$78$90
11Changunarayan onlyHalf day$23$56$56$67$78$90
12Changunarayan via BhaktapurHalf day$27$67$67$81$94$107
13Charikot day return$145$362$362$434$506$579
14Chautara day return$88$220$220$264$308$352
15City, swayambhu,Patan & BhaktapurFull day$40$100$100$121$141$161
16Dakshinkali onlyHalf day$23$56$56$67$78$90
17Dakshinkali, ChobarHalf day$23$56$56$67$78$90
18Dakshinkali, Kirtipur, ChobarHalf day$25$62$62$74$86$99
19Daman or SimbhanjyangFull day$77$191$191$230$268$306
20Dhulikhel & BhaktapurHalf day$37$92$92$111$129$148
21Dhulikhel & KhawaHalf day$30$75$75$91$106$121
22Dhulikhel & PanautiHalf day$44$109$109$131$153$174
23Dhulikhel onlyHalf day$28$70$70$84$98$112
24Dhulikhel, Pashupati & BoudhaHalf day$37$92$92$111$129$148
25Dolalghat day return$64$161$161$193$225$257
26Godavari , PatanHalf day$26$64$64$77$90$103
27Godavari onlyHalf day$23$56$56$67$78$90
28Gokarna onlyHalf day$16$39$39$47$55$63
29Kakani & BalajuHalf day$28$70$70$84$98$112
30Kathmandu ato BandipurDay return$122$305$305$366$428$488
31Kathmandu Machan one night & Pokhara drop$209$521$521$625$730$834
32Kathmandu to /pokharaOne night$149$0$0$0$0$0
33Kathmandu to Baglung Nayapul drop$185$462$462$554$646$738
34Kathmandu to BardiyaOne night$446$1114$1114$1336$1559$1782
35Kathmandu to BesisaharDay return$125$312$312$374$437$499
36Kathmandu to Bhairahawa drop$213$532$532$639$745$852
37Kathmandu to CharaudiDay return$61$153$153$184$215$245
38Kathmandu to Chitwan Jungle LodgeDay return$129$323$323$387$452$516
39Kathmandu to Chitwan one night / Pokhara one night2 nights$224$559$559$671$782$894
40Kathmandu to Daman one night & Chitwan Jungle Lodge one night2 nights$183$458$458$549$641$732
41Kathmandu to Daman one night & Gaida one night2 nights$188$469$469$563$656$750
42Kathmandu to Daman one night & Machan one night2 nights$188$469$469$563$656$750
43Kathmandu to Daman one night & Safari one night2 nights$197$491$491$590$688$786
44Kathmandu to DhadingDay return$75$187$187$225$262$299
45Kathmandu to Dhunche drop$145$363$363$436$508$581
46Kathmandu to DumreDay return$93$232$232$278$325$371
47Kathmandu to FislingDay return$71$178$178$214$250$285
48Kathmandu to GaidacampDay return$123$308$308$369$431$492
49KAthmandu to GaighatDay return$101$253$253$304$354$405
50Kathmandu to GorkhaDay return$106$264$264$317$370$422
51Kathmandu to Island drop$141$353$353$423$494$564
52Kathmandu to Jiri one night$220$549$549$659$769$879
53Kathmandu to JugediDay return$97$241$241$289$338$386
54Kathmandu to KodariDay return$85$213$213$256$298$341
55Kathmandu to KrishnanagarOne night$296$739$739$886$1034$1182
56Kathmandu to KurintarDay return$75$186$186$224$261$298
57Kathmandu to LumbiniOne night$270$675$675$810$945$1080
58Kathmandu to LumbiniDay return$242$604$604$725$845$966
59Kathmandu to Machan2 nights$171$427$427$513$598$684
60Kathmandu to Machan - Pokhara2 nights$236$589$589$706$824$942
61Kathmandu to ManakamanaDay return$78$196$196$235$274$313
62Kathmandu to Meghauli drop$141$353$353$423$494$564
63Kathmandu to Melamchi$112$279$279$335$391$447
64Kathmandu to MuglingDay return$82$205$205$246$287$328
65Kathmandu to NarayanghatDay return$109$272$272$326$381$435
66Kathmandu to NepalgunjOne night$375$935$935$1125$1313$1500
67Kathmandu to Palanchowkday return$70$176$176$211$246$281
68Kathmandu to pokharaDay return$128$320$320$384$448$512
69Kathmandu to Pokhara + Gorkha2 nights$167$417$417$500$583$667
70Kathmandu to Pokhara - Palpa - Lumbini -Chitwan4 nights/ 5days$352$880$880$1056$1232$1408
71Kathmandu to Shyafro besi drop$162$405$405$456$567$648
72Kathmandu to Temple Tiger drop$141$353$353$423$494$564
73Kathmandu to Tharu village drop$141$353$353$423$494$564
74Kathmandu to Trishuli day return$75$186$186$224$261$298
75Kirtipur , chobarHalf day$16$39$39$47$55$63
76Kopan monasteryHalf day$38$95$95$114$133$152
77Lumbini to Pokhara drop$338$844$844$1013$1181$1350
78Lumbini to TilaurakotHalf day$23$56$56$68$79$90
79Mountain flight or cultural dinner-$16$39$39$47$55$63
80Mugling to pokhara$67$168$168$201$235$268
81Nagarajun & BalajuHalf day$59$148$148$108$126$237
82Nagarjun onlyHalf day$44$109$109$131$153$174
83Nagarkot & BhaktapurHalf day$44$109$109$131$153$174
84Nagarkot onlyHalf day$38$95$95$114$133$152
85Nagarkot towerHalf day$43$10$106$127$147$168
86Nagarkot, Pashupati & Boudha$44$109$109$131$153$174
87Namobhudha day return$64$161$161$193$225$257
88Panauti onlyHalf day$38$95$95$114$133$152
89Pashupati, Boudha & BhaktapurHalf day$20$51$51$61$71$81
90Patan and SwayambhuHalf day$20$51$51$61$71$81
91Patan onlyHalf day$16$39$39$47$55$63
92PhulchokiHalf day$44$109$109$131$153$174
93Phulchoki or Godavari onlyFull day$60$0$0$0$0$0
94Shanku onlyHalf day$26$64$64$77$90$103
95ShivapuriHalf day$38$95$95$114$133$152
96Sundarijal & GokarnaHalf day$30$0$0$0$0$0
97Sundarijal onlyHalf day$23$56$56$67$78$90
98Sunrise to Sunset$83$208$208$250$291$332
99Swayambhu, Boudha & PashupatiHalf day$20$51$51$61$71$81
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