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It is our great pleasure to introduce Asia Adventure Excursions (P) Ltd and the variety of travel products and services that we offer in the Himalayan destinations-Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. With over 15 years of personal experience in serving the individual and group travelers, we have the expertise in all kinds of leisure and adventure tour operations in a completely safe and worry- free environment and at the most competitive prices.

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About Bhutan

Bhutan, Thunder Dragon, King of BhutanDrukyul, the land of Thunder Dragon, as Bhutan is locally known, is perhaps the last of the Shangrilas. Hidden amidst the mighty Himalayas and sandwiched between its two great neighbors, with Tibet (China) in the North and India in the South, Bhutan is as big as Switzerland but sparsely inhabited by little over 600,000 people. The kingdom is spread over 47,000 square kilometer with varied climatic conditions ranging from subtropical to the frigid reaches of almost 25,000 feet snow capped ranges of Tibetan border.

Bhutan is blessed with a wealth of floral and fauna, magnificent mountains, dense forests, crystalline air, a self-sufficient and friendly people, superb art and eye-catching architecture, without beggars or crime. In fact, Bhutan is truly a Paradise.

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